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About Us

Bridge Marketing is a hands-on marketing consulting company for financial advisors.

The company was born from client demand. While working at ByAllAccounts, advisors were always asking for marketing advice, social media strategies and referrals to firms that could help them.

 We focus on understanding your target market, developing a marketing strategy and executing it for you so you can meet your goals.

We want to work with your firm, so let us know what we can do for you.

Welcome to Bridge Marketing

You’re a financial advisor. You know that marketing can make a big difference in your practice. You’re just not exactly sure how to make it work or where to start.

You also know that running an advisory practice is different than most other businesses. You have to find a way to serve your clients, please your compliance department and find new prospects– sometimes all at the same time.

If only you could find a partner that understands both marketing and the investment advisor business. That’s us!

We give your firm the resources of an expert marketing team without the overhead costs of adding employees. We use our proven Focused Marketing methods to provide the strategy and execution you need to acquire new clients, retain existing clients and to take advantage of wealth transfer opportunities.

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